Looking back at this blog, it has been filled with technology posts and gadget reviews in recent years. I seemed to have stopped discussing about music altogether (photography too). In fact, this is one of the few posts where I shared my personal thoughts, which is what a blog is for. And when I browsed back to my old posts many years ago, I am surprised I shared a lot about music, photo, and my life.

Why did I blog less often about other topics?
Because of a busy life. As a full-time working professional, I spend almost 10 hours at work, 2 hours commuting, and just a couple of hours with my family, and about 6 hours sleeping.

Why did I focus on blogging about technology?
Because this is where the readership is. Based on past statistics, the number of clicks on my articles unrelated to technology is very low.

I reckon if I were to spend my time blogging, I should prioritise my content by blogging about topics that garners the most interest. So for instance, if I were to choose between blogging about the new smartphone vs. about my music rants, I would be talking about the former.

Does that mean I have given up interest in music and photography?
Of course not. Music and photography make up my life, just that these parts are now of a lower priority.

This morning, I went online and dug up a handful of local musicians, to be inspired by their passion and their drive to contribute to the growing music industry. I notice a handful of talented individuals whom I have not heard (sorry for not being in touch with the music scene). And so I created a permanent links list of songwriters and musicians in my blog. Please spend some time to check them out.

I think we have to do better. Singapore has to do better to promote local musicians outside the music circle. These songwriters and performers should not be confined to pubs and music festivals. I am pleased to see more local music artists appearing on national television, and endorsing them for their talents and popularity.

If you are a songwriter or musician, share your links with me.

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