Innova Technology is a Singapore-based company who invented the PROTAG, a very thin bluetooth device which pairs to your mobile device and alerts you if both devices are out of range. The primary purpose is to prevent your belongings from being left behind.


  • Slim: 8.5 x 57 x 3mm
  • Light: 18g
  • Battery life: 6 days
  • Charge time: 1.5hrs via USB
  • Supports Android and Blackberry devices
  • Supports multiple PROTAG with one device

With the PROTAG and the software app installed, you can achieve the following:

  • Alerts when the PROTAG is out of range from your mobile phone. You may set the distance to trigger alert up to 10m.
  • When you lose your phone, the app will alert when it detects SIM change, SMS alert with GPS tracking
  • Snooze or stop monitoring when required, say, at home.

Primary selling points for this product:

  • Thin. You can put the PROTAG in your wallet.
  • Long battery life. Bluetooth technology allows the devices to be paired and consumes little battery.

The weak areas:

  • Packaging. There are some instructions behind the PROTAG but thanks to the packaging that is hard to open, you might end up tearing up the guide. It would be better if they have inserted a separate paper.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is susceptible to physical obstacles that may result in a reduced coverage. What this means is that you might get false alarms when PROTAG fails to establish connectivity with your device.
  • The connected smartphone device seems to disconnect occasionally from PROTAG, possibly because the smartphone activates the sleep/standby mode when the Bluetooth connectivity is left idle.

Like what they always say, prevention is better than cure. Some protection is better than none. The PROTAG is an unobtrusive solution to prevent unnecessary loss of your prized possessions. It’s a really great gift for techie friends or absent-minded family members. Support the site by clicking the below link to purchase it.


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