Samsung Galaxy S4 has Story Album. HTC One has Zoe. On the publicity materials, they allowed consumers to create content with ease. Yet, the Samsung Story Album is nothing more than an app to create printable photo albums using preset templates. Although it appears to “suggest” albums intelligently, there are merely grouped based on dates. If you have multi-shot images, the Story Album just lays them together instead of picking one shot among the similar shots. The app is also not so intuitive when it comes to cropping. I was so unimpressed  that I did not even attempt to create any Story Album and share here.

HTC One Zoe, on the other hand, works great. It creates content that looked professional and creative. It identifies the images that should go into one Zoe presentation based on location data. The Zoe video takes random images but they work so well and so effortless.

This again proves that HTC One is the smartphone to get for consumers who love sharing photos. To check out the Zoe video I’ve created, visit my HTC One review article.

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