I attended the Samsung Galaxy S4 Trade and Media event launch at the Singapore Gardens by the Bay this evening (18 Apr 2013). Holding a review unit of the latest HTC One, I captured some photos and uploaded using the built-in HTC Share feature, which simplifies sharing of event images.

Click this link to view the photos – expires 17 Oct 2013.

My first impressions on the Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • It is very light, felt as if battery was not present in the device.
  • The interface, colour themes and icon styles still follows Samsung Galaxy.
  • The dual camera feature is unique and certainly useful to create interesting photos and videos.
  • The numerous air gesture features like Smart Pause, Smart Scroll makes use of the same motion sensor technology in previous Galaxy series to create more functions. Again it might not sound that useful, but when you needed a hands-off interaction with your phone, this feature will make it happen.
  • A lesser publicised feature, when you slide down the notification bar using 2 fingers, it will show all the shortcut icons in one page.
  • There is a new colour mode, “Professional Photo (Adobe RGB)”, which I believe will improve image accuracy for picky users who want accurate colour display instead of over-saturated ones.
  • There are many other features which are introduced, like Story Album, Drama Shot, Translator,  but I will comment once I have a chance for a review.

I also took the opportunity to test out the Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera review unit that I just got hold of on the same day. Having tried all the NX series over the years, I must say the NX300 is a great leap forward in terms of features and improvements. I will blog about it soon but here are the photos for you to enjoy:

More photos at my facebook page.

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE starts selling in Singapore from 27 Apr 2013 at RRP S$998 without contract. Visit the Galaxy S4 microsite for more interactive information.

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