Accutone has been designing and producing professional headset solutions for call centers, offices, enterprises and SOHO. Now they started venturing into professional stereo headphones for mass-market consumers. In this review, I tested the PISCES BAND and TAURUS. They are both rated “Class B” which are tuned for ultra bass.

Accutone Pisces Band


Retail price: S$249

Key Specifications:
· Accutone Pro-Level headset, Class B – Tuned for Ultra-Bass
· Foldable headband design
· Apple-certified in-line 3-button digital remote control with omni-directional microphone (volume buttons does not work on Android devices)
· High-grade aluminum enclosure, tangle-free cable
· Available in Black, White and Orange
· Lightweight at 150 grams
· Speaker size: 40mm
· Speaker type: Dynamic
· Frequency Responses: 20Hz – 20kHz
· Impedance: 32Ù ± 15% at 1kHz
· Sound Pressure Level: 118 ± 3dB at 10mW
· Cable Length: 1.3m
· Operation Temperature: -25°C to 50°C

I like the bass response on this unit. Compared to my other flat-response monitor headphones I owned, the PISCES BAND really pumps my bass-heavy tracks without distortion. Alas, it is achieved at the expense of the higher frequencies, which sounded muffled and muted.


Then when I tried the TAURUS in-ear phones, I hear great potential.

Retail: S$79

Key Specifications:

· Customisable Bass Output using Accutone unique Bass-Tuning technology
· Dual-wearing method using proprietary Spin-Cable design
· Class B – Tuned for Ultra-Bass
· High-fidelity microphone included with answer-call/play-music button
· Ergonomic rotatory volume control
· Tangle-free cable, 3 sizes of earbuds, zipper case, Nokia Phone converter included
· Lightweight at 10.5 grams
· Speaker size: 9.2mm
· Speaker type: Dynamic
· Frequency Responses: 18Hz – 20kHz
· Impedance: 16Ω ± 2.40(15%) at 1kHz, 0.126V
· Sound Pressure Level: 118 ± 3dB at 10mW
· Cable Length: 1.2m
· Operation Temperature: -25°C to 50°C

TAURUS retains the impressive bass response from the PISCES BAND and delivered clearer frequency responses at mid-tone and treble. I let a few of my peers listened to it and they are very impressed with the quality. My wife thought it beats her Sennheiser CX300-II which costs almost double the price.

The best part of all is that you have the ability to adjust the bass output using a screwdriver included in the package. This is almost the perfect earphones for consumers who love heavy bass but still wants clear treble production. I also like the rotary volume control which lets me adjust volume a lot easier and faster.

One common feedback I get from first-time users is: how are these earphones worn? See, as the cable joints can be rotated, there is no fixed way to wear it, and that might be a good thing. As long as you get the earbuds firmly stuffed into your ear canals, you can wear it any way you like.

A high-priced headphones doesn’t guarantee better audio quality. It merely means the cost of production is higher. Only your ears can decide whether you like the sound. The Accutone TAURUS is definitely of great value and surprisingly delivers astounding audio and distortion-free ultra-bass. I’ll be on the lookout for the other Accutone models to experience them when I get the chance.


  1. Is this sold locally? tried on ebay and there's no accutone >.< I'm interested to buy this but I'm in indonesia anyway. any SG online shop that sell this and able to deliver outside SG? nice review btw

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