I have created a dedicated Facebook page for my Music.Photo.Life. blog at http://facebook.com/musicphotolife . To encourage participation and likes, I’m giving away a brand new Logitech Mini Boombox to one lucky winner.

The black colour model will be given away (phone not included)

I chose the Boombox as my first giveaway because
1. It works on any modern smartphone (Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Symbian, etc.) that supports bluetooth. I’m sure you have a smartphone, don’t you?
2. It is a convenient audio extension to your device. You can listen to music through a better speaker and answer calls (it has built-in mic) without touching your phone!
3. It runs on internal batteries which lasts about 10 hours and totally wire free operation (except when charging of course).
4. Lastly, it sounds really great for its size. Not some cheapo China-brand crap speakers, this little devil delivers audio quality that turns heads. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Read the review I wrote at https://musicphotolife.com/2012/03/logitech-mini-boombox-review/.

How to qualify:

Yep, it’s that simple, but how do you increase your chances to win? By doing some of the below activities (they are really optional):
    1. Participate actively on the facebook page wall when new posts and reviews are up. Even clicking the “like” button counts! 
    2. Mention the facebook page by typing the handle @music.photo.life. on your facebook wall (note: I can only track your mentions if your wall post is public)
    3. Tweet about my facebook page or my blog! Include my twitter handle @musicdiary so that I am notified about your good deeds.

    How I Choose My Winner

    The winner will be the one who impresses me with his or her participation on my new facebook page.

    All the participation prior to the announcement this contest will count (I know who you are, guys!)

    Please do not spam my facebook page: that does not impress me at all.

    This is my very first contest giveaway after starting blogging since 2003. So please support my contest by generating some traffic, or provide feedback so that I can improve for my future contests (yes, more to come!). If you have been actively reading my blog, or have already been telling people about my blog, maybe it’s time to make yourself heard, and reward yourself with a little great gadget.

    Contest ends 8 April 2012 (Easter Sunday)

    Contest Terms and Conditions:
    1. Winner must reside in Singapore. Winning product will be delivered by registered mail to a Singapore address.
    2. Winning product is sealed with warranty card. If product is defective, limited warranty will be provided by authorised distributor.
    3. The organiser (myself) reserves the right to cancel the contest, amend the terms, or re-select the winner, with reasonable justifications.

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