Macro photography intrigues me, because I can capture images beyond the naked eye’s perspective. But you can’t do it unless you have specialty lenses or if you stack 2 lenses together.

The below is one of my earliest macro photo, shot in 2006 on a Nikon D70, achieved by stacking 2 50mm lenses. Since then, I have acquired the highly-acclaimed Tamron SP AF 90mm f2.8 MACRO Di lens.

A challenge when shooting close-up is that the depth of field becomes astonishingly narrow. Even if you close down the aperture, the depth of field is still shallow.

But if your focal distance is long, then your depth of field would be like any other lenses, as demonstrated in my previous comparison post with Nikkor 85mm.

Here’s a compilation of some close-up photos shot recently with the Samsung NX camera and the impressive 60mm f2.8 MACRO ED OIS SSA lens. Do you know what objects they are?

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Answers: Samsung NX 16mm f2.4 lens, Samsung NX200 camera mode dial, inside circuitry of a flash storage drive, frozen grape close up, frozen grapes, pencils held with a hand.

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