I did a label search on my blog and realised that my previous photostory was in 2010 February.

Angela Chew first reached out to me in June 2009 with a Facebook message to compliment my photography. It was only 2 years later that we crossed paths again. I was planning for a shoot, decided to contact her, and she agreed.

Over the course of discussion, a photostory idea came to me, and I proposed to her with a positive response.

Customising My Photostory
The shoot was executed on 29 Aug 2011. I wanted to showcase Angela’s versatility, so I wrote a story in 3 parts to portray her in different styles. After a heavy downpour, we were left with less than 2 hours to do the shoot.

Photostory is my favourite way of presenting my images. I am more interested to bring out the human emotions from the images than creating picture-perfect photos.

This photostory is told from the stalker’s perspective, presented in a journal layout that belonged to the stalker. The use of different fonts portrays the various narratives – one jotted by the stalker on his journal, the second representing the thoughts of the stalker, and appearing in the final pages, the thoughts of the lady victim. The choice of the title is a play of perspectives: who is the baiter, and who is the bait?

Full photo story presentation (Flash support required)
Facebook album presentation

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