RJ Rosales (1974-2011)

May, 2011

When my maternal Aunt Fay SMSed me from Sydney on Monday evening, I could not believe it. She informed me that RJ Rosales had passed away.

As Aunt Fay’s godson, RJ was a regular at our family events. He engaged my help in arranging several songs and used the minus-one tracks for his public performances. He has a beautiful voice, strong yet sensitive. He played major roles in big musicals like Miss Saigon, Chang and Eng, and received a lot of theatrical exposure in recent years in Singapore. He is also well known in the Philippines and in Australia.

RJ’s death must have been a big blow to Aunt Fay, who flew over to Sydney to celebrate her birthday with RJ and his family.

The YouTube video below has 2 significance. One, the song is “The Prayer”, to aptly express my thoughts to him. Two, the minus-one was arranged by me.

Thank you for sharing your talents and bringing joy and beauty to our world. Be in peace, RJ.

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  1. Evie

    He's a talent gone too soon.. He'll be deeply missed by many. I admired him since I first saw him in "Chang & Eng" and it's with deepest regret that I didn't catch him in "Into the Woods" this July..

    RJ you were amazing! I pray that you lived your life to the fullest and fulfilled your dreams..

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