I spent this evening at the first-ever EPSON blogger event and they impressed me with some innovative projector products. After all, EPSON is the number one projector maker for 10 consecutive years since 2001.

Plug your Apple product – iPhone, iPad, iPod – onto this projector and do presentations, browse photos and watch videos! It has 2x10W speakers that pumps out decent sound for a projector. It can do keystone adjustment up to 30-degrees in all directions, so it means you can project on the screen at an angle and the output will still look in proportion. It has a light ambient sensor that also auto white balance, so you get both  colour and brightness compensation. It runs on 3LCD technology which promises more faithful colour reproduction and no colour break-up (also known as “rainbow effect”). It supports multiple connectors like VGA, HDMI, Component video, Mic-In, even USB port for multimedia slideshow display. It has a built-in handle for easy of carry. It weights 3.9kg, the fan runs at only 35dB. It starts up at just 6 seconds.

And this world’s first HD projector for Apple mobile devices retails at just S$1299.

The second projector is the worlds brightest Full-HD 3D projector, made possible by high frame refresh rate of 480Hz, twice as fast as other 3D projectors. This minimises blackout time, which translates to brighter projections. Its ventilation vents are designed at front so that you can place the projector at narrow spaces without need for clearance. With wide lens shift range, you can install this projector in any position and still achieve correct optical projection proportion.

This premium 3D projector will set you back at S$4299, a small price compared to a physical LCD TV, since this projector can project up to 300″ size!

We know that a major challenge of projectors is that they require a long throwback distance to project images on the screen. With the EB-series projector, not anymore! You can mount these short-throw projectors directly above the screens and you get the output images projected in perfect proportion. The advantage of this is that you can stand right in front of the screen without blocking the projection light path.

But that’s not all. You can annotate on the projected screen with the EB-455Wi using a special pen! With proper software, you can save these annotations in the computer and distribute the content. Watch this video:

While these features seem to be useful only in classroom or office environments, I like the short-throw form which means I could also install at home without the hassle of long throw set-up.

I have not been to a blogger event for quite a while, and this is one of the rare times that I blogged within the day of the event. Today’s event has opened my eyes on the advancement of projection technology which I have not followed all these while. And while there may be competing products in the market, I believe they are really hard to beat the quality of the number one projector maker, 10 years running.

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