Are you getting the best of your modems and routers?

Eh, you must be wondering how “best” can one get out of your modems and routers. Aren’t they all the same, differentiated only by technical specs on the access bandwidth?

But increasingly, we own many electronic devices that are wirelessly connected to the Internet and other networks. Many of us own smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and we spend so much time online with these devices. In my case, I have 5 devices that connects to my wireless router (more when I get products for reviews), and sometimes I do notice connectivity problems even though my device is right next to the router.

Out of curiosity on the usage patterns and state of wireless connectivity in Singapore, the below survey aims to discover how wirelessly connected Singapore households are, and how much Singaporeans understand their routers and modems – devices that usually sit quietly in the room, but plays a critical role in connecting us to the rest of the world! When you lose internet connection at home, isn’t the modem and router the first thing you would check?

Please spare less than 2 minutes to answer 9 straight-forward questions. Your contribution to responding to this survey will help us understand how we perceive modems and routers, and eventually help you, consumers, improve your home broadband experience.

Once the results are tabulated, I’ll share the results here on my blog.

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