One showroom audio review and two blog posts later, I finally get a chance to bring the Audyssey SOMA audio dock back to my home for an on-location review. We all know that showroom conditions always seem to make the audio product sound better. So this review will finally put the question to rest: how well does the SOMA dock perform in real life environment?

I… like it!

Some sound systems make the music sound “noisy”. But music coming out from the dock actually sounds very pleasant. The dock produces very crisp tweeter and naturally-resonating bass. The Audyssey engineers have certainly done a very good job in optimising the sound quality of this little audio gem, but I tweaked the sound using the free iOS app, increasing bass a little to suit my taste and my home acoustics.

With the iOS app, you have 3 ways to fine-tune the audio output to your liking. First, you can use the tilt control to swing the audio balance to either bass-heavy or treble-heavy. Then, you can adjust the treble or bass level independently. Finally, you can plot your own EQ chart and save as favourites.

I am surprised that the dock can play all kinds of music without sounding biased. From classical to pop, jazz to rock, even movie audio has got that dynamic punch. The only instance that the dock doesn’t sound nice is when the audio source made a mess on the mix or the compression quality.

The Audyssey SOMA dock isn’t just a dock for Apple devices. It plays audio via Bluetooth or line-in jack. That practically means almost every audio equipment can enjoy the quality SOMA dock. The best part is that you do not need to choose the source, because the dock can play audio from the iOS dock, line-in and Bluetooth simultaneously. And that’s so liberating, especially the Bluetooth option. With the iPhone on hand, I can easily select tracks for playback. When paired with iPad, I can watch video content as the dock pumps out the audio in almost perfect synchronisation.

Having said, the dock is certainly not meant to replace your professional audio system, nor was it meant to rock the house down with its size. But I dare say it beats most of the compact sound systems. If you want to listen to astounding music from your smartphones, at the comfort of your cosy loft, you must try the Audyssey SOMA audio dock. Let your ears convince you.


  1. do you still own one or did you return it?

    i also ordered one only for being able to hear it once, as it is not that popular in europe, but meanwhile it became my main listening system at home and i decided to keep it and replace my harman kardon boombox with it.

    i also like the bass slightly pushed, you can find my EQ-curve near the end of my review, here it is (though in german):

    best regards, o.

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