Last evening, I received the COMPASS Young Composer of the Year award at the 16th COMPASS Awards. I was also awarded the Top Local Instrumental Contemporary Song of the year.

It’s a surprise win after 14 years of composing (from Uni days) and 6 years since I starting publishing my songs (first album in 2004).

When I embarked in writing instrumental music exclusively, I know that it’s a road less travelled. But I do it because I like it, and because I believe in the music that I write. Each of them are a fragment of my emotions, my music diary.

Credit goes to my manager, Gilbert Ong, for pushing my works commercially. Thanks a heap to Publisher Richard Lim and Album Concept James Kang who conceptualised Piano Spa. Thanks to Warner Music for pushing 5 albums out in the market. With these collective efforts, I got my awards. Biggest thanks to wifey for her support all these years. Thank you for giving me time and space to develop my passions.

Like they say, Patience is A Virtue.

I performed a medley of songs at the awards presentation:
1. My Favourite Time of the Year (Top Local Instrumental Contemporary) from Piano Spa 3
2. Dance with The Clouds from Piano Spa 4
3. Shyanne from Piano Spa 4
4. Dreams of Tomorrow from Piano Spa 2

It’s an honour to join the rolls of the following past winners for the Young Songwriter/Composer Award (and can only win this award once):

15th (2010) – Tay Chee Wei 郑旨为 (first non-pop recipient)
14th (2009) – Xiaohan 小寒
13th (2008) – David Tan (Electrico)
12th (2007) – Corrinne May
11th (2006) – JJ Lin 林俊杰
10th (2005) – Eric Ng 黄韵仁
9th (2004) – Lim Yeek Sinn 林毅心
8th (2002) – Tan Han Jin 陈奂仁
7th (2001) – Tanya Chua 蔡健雅
6th (2000) – Liew Chee Vun 刘志文
5th (1999) – Leong Wai Foong 梁伟丰
4th (1998) – Kevin Quah 柯贵民

For the full list of recipients of the 16th COMPASS Awards, click here.

Chester Tan’s facebook page for music is at . Chester also seeks creative passion in photography and his works are collected at

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