My Sennheiser eH2200 headphones of almost 10 years broke down on me. Due to Mayenne’s rough handling of the detachable cable jack, one side of the headset lost its signal. The headphones was the main reference source for my audio mixing all these years. The ear cushions have been changed several times at the Sennheiser service centre, and the headphones quality have never degraded all these years.

I had eyed on the HD215 for quite a while already. My criteria of choosing headphones is: the EQ must be flat, so that my audio mixing can be unbiased. So I shunned all the models that boast “a better bass response”. Another reason for choosing HD215 is that one side of the headset can be swiveled away for one-ear monitoring, which I do very often.

Some first impressions when I tried on the HD215 for the first time after I unpacked: it’s heavier than eH2200. Wearing it for long hours is a little more tiring and my ears get more sweaty than my old set. The frequency response is totally different from the eH2200. The eH2200 high frequency has always sounded unnatural to me and the bass less “fulfilling”. The HD215 has more natural-sounding bass but now the mid-range is overpowering the rest.

What I really like about the HD215 is that I can literally hear more of the music. It sounds more defined and directional (i.e. “soundstaging”). Despite a stronger mid-range, my ears can pick up the entire frequency range as compared to the eH2200. There was no loss of details as I previously experienced on the eH2200.

I am extremely happy with my new purchase, which comes with a soft casing to keep my new prize from Mayenne’s view. The eH2200 is still wired to my mixer, a decoy for her to continue playing with it. Who knows, she might end up a better musician than I am.

Chester is a composer to over 100 published works under the Warner Music album series, “Piano Spa”. With some luck, you can still find them at HMV and That CD Shop with the unmistakable 2-CD-long packaging. Follow his trails on Twitter at

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