Today I received a letter from COMPASS (Composers and Authors Society of Singapore) to inform me that I will be receiving two awards at the 16th COMPASS Awards Ceremony in July:

1. Top Local Instrumental Contemporaryawarded based on royalty collection of songs in the instrumental category in the year 2010

2. COMPASS Young Songwriter of the Year given to a writer member who receives the most royalties in the year 2010 as a composer or lyricist who are below 35 years old. Each writer member will only be entitled to receive this award once.

The second award came at a timely moment, for I turned 35 in 2010, which makes this the final year that I am eligible for this award.

I am extremely elated to be recognised of my achievements through these music awards. I am very heartened to know that my dedication to writing for the instrumental genre since I started composing in 1995 is worth it.

I wish to thank all who loved my works in Piano Spa series and I will continue to produce more instrumental music for your enjoyment.

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