After more than a year of launching the NX-series, Samsung offers their first public firmware update via their Samsung website.

What was the enhancement?
1. Changed the manual focus ring focusing direction.
2. Reduced power consumption of the lenses.
3. Improved focus accuracy with “Fireworks” SCENE mode.

List of lenses that can be upgraded:
• 18-55 mm (NX10 kit lens)
• 18-55 mm_i-Function (NX11 kit lens)
• 20 mm
• 20-50 mm (NX100 kit lens)
• 30 mm
• 50-200 mm
• 50-200 mm_i-Function

Download firmware (updated 16 Feb 2016)

After downloading and unzipping the files, you will find several folders named with the respective lenses. Within each folder, there is a file called “lens.bin”. Copy the correct file corresponding to your lens type into the SD card, insert to your NX body, mount the corresponding lens to the NX body, then go to the “Firmware Update” menu item. If you own several lenses, then you have to update one at a time by copying the respective “lens.bin” file from the computer to the SD card, mounting the corresponding lenses to the NX body, and run the firmware update.

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