Samsung NX10 and NX100 owners rejoice! The latest firmware update offers important functions that improves your experience with the cameras.

1. Adds Panorama function, selectable via SCENE mode. With this update, Panorama is no longer exclusive to NX11.

2. Movie recording AF mode is defaulted to Continuous AF (CAF). Another important update, now your movie recording will auto focus continuously. To toggle to Single AF mode during video recording, press the preview button.

3. Improved Movie recording algorithm so that AF is more accurate and faster under low contrast or low light conditions. I don’t notice any observable difference, but I suppose under extraordinary circumstances, it would show improvements.

4. Added OIS menu so that new lenses without hardware OIS buttons can be used on these legacy NX cameras to select OIS.

5. Updated i-Function on-screen guide, similar to NX11.

NX5, the other NX-series model, is excluded from the above updates.

Firmware update link here:

This firmware update certainly extends the desirability of NX10 and NX100. Cheers to Samsung!

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