Oops! I have been blogging so much about Samsung products that someone working in a PR agency mistook me for being their brand ambassador!

Indeed, at this moment, I am surrounded with Samsung-branded gadgets. Quite often, friends who know of my interest in gadgets have asked me for recommendations on phones and cameras, and my current answer would be: the-above-brand. And I do not blindly recommend products just because I am offered incentives. Blogging about the review product is an obligation, but actually recommending the product to personal friends is a privilege.

Currently, I have been keeping tabs on the influx of new Android tablets releases, and very soon I will be getting my fingers on one particular model (it’s not the-above-brand). And you shall soon learn about my experience on this tablet that the community has been raving about.

Note to advertisers: if you would like me to mention your products/brands liberally, then give me a chance to experience YOUR products!

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