Do you use the Android phone as a music player in your car? Do you find that it’s a hassle to use it while driving? One, the touchscreen turns off after a while (unless you plug the car kit which keeps the screen alive). Two, you have to press the buttons accurately to switch tracks or albums while keeping your eyes on the road.

Well, I found this android app called MortPlayer Music that appears to work well when I’m driving.

What MortPlayer Music does (where other apps don’t):
– The screen is always on during playback, so that I can see the album art and tracks, and it’s always ready for me to change tracks.

– The app supports swipe gestures. Swipe left-right to switch albums; swipe up-down to switch tracks. This means I can keep my eyes off the phone and still can control the player.

– The albums are sorted by folders, not by artists or albums as read in the ID3 tags. I prefer this so that I can organise my tracks the way I like it.

– You can define the music folder that you want the app to read, so that only the child folders and files will be scanned by the player. I also like this feature so that the player doesn’t read every file in the phone.

– Once you unplug the 3.5mm line-out cable from the phone, the player pauses automatically.

– Able to control orientation within the app independent of your phone orientation settings.

– Resumes from last track you stopped even after you exit the app.

There are other features that may be useful when you use the app outside the car
– alarm clock
– sleep function
– displays on notification bar when running in background

The app is still in beta, and I do find that at times the playback will stutter a little.

Download and try it out yourself. After all, it’s free.

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