Day 3, 14 Nov 2010

Day 3 was dedicated for shopping and eating along Queens Road Central. But I made a planning mistake. I went to Kau Kee Beef Noodle house and realised that it was closed on a Sunday. So wifey and I walked all the way to Yung Kee for the famous goose. I love their century egg appetizer!

After brunch, wifey did her rounds at H&M while I tried to find some clothes at G2000. We also dropped by Toys “R” Us (toys are cheaper than in Singapore). Early dinner was at Guai Kee Wanton Noodle House along Carnarvon Road. We then proceeded to a dessert store near our hotel. Apparently for the past 2 nights, we saw long queues waiting to get in. So when we arrived there are about 5pm with just a few seats left, we went in. We tried the frozen mango dessert and molten chocolate lava. THEY WERE DELICIOUS!


After dumping our purchases for the day, we walked down Nathan Road towards the bayfront. Went to SOGO and hustled with the rest of the shoppers for some Thanksgiving Sale. Before we returned to hotel, we bought BBQ sticks for supper.

(compare to my Day 3 experience in 2009)

Day 4, 15 Nov 2010

Since we missed the opening of Kau Kee on Day 3, wifey wanted to go again, so that’s what we did. But not before a very late breakfast and a trip to Times Square for shopping. After getting our beef noodles, we walked down Gage Street and reached Lan Fong Yuen, famous for their ice milk tea and pork chop buns. And indeed, their milk tea is the best we’ve had in Hong Kong. Then just down the street is Tai Cheong Bakery, famous egg tarts.

By late afternoon, we proceeded to Mongkok and shopped at the Ladies Market cluster. Dinner was claypot rice that we chanced upon, seemingly popular with the locals. But by the time we reached hotel, we were screaming for more food. So at 1am, I went downstairs and packeted beef noodles, which tasted quite yummy.

Day 5, 16 Nov 2010

We did our hotel checkout, left our luggage at the lobby, then headed out to Harbour City. Angie felt like having porridge, so we looked for a food house that had the word “porridge”. Found one, and I also ordered the beef noodles. Both were excellent choices.

Our flight was 8.20pm. We returned to the hotel to collect our luggage, then hailed a cab to Kowloon MTR, did a city check-in, then took the Airport Express to the airport. We dined at Fairwood Fast Food, the roast pork and curry beef are fine stuff.

As we took budget airline, our plane was parked on the tarmac, so we had airport buses to ferry us to the plane, which is not a bad idea, so that we need not have to walk too far to the gate, where it is often quite a distance from the main building.

(what did I do on Days 4 and 5 last year? Click here)

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