Hewlett Packard (hp) invited me to a blogger party event to showcase their latest lifestyle products. The PR people from Waggener Edstrom has put in a lot of effort to make this event a unique experience. First, they couriered a box of jelly beans, a sweet teaser. Then at the event itself, they went all out to infuse fun and interaction among the guests with ice-breaking games. I also like the way they planned the execution of the product walkthrough: assigning guests to different stations so that the crowd is spread and rotated among the product showcase.

Some of the products that were launched include 

1. HP ENVY(14) Beats Edition, the first HP notebook built for music.
2. TouchSmart Desktop PCs, computers with touchscreen plus HP’s exclusive Touch software.

3. HP ENVY(17) 3D, letting you watch 3D movies on the laptop.

What caught my eye was not the latest products, but this:

It’s not the HP laptop I’m eyeing on, but the item below it and next to it. It’s a HP USB Media Docking Station and HP Notebook Projection Companion. The docking station supports any device via standard USB ports, and once docked, you get audio and extra USB ports to use all your peripherals with the connected device. The Notebook Projection Companion, as you can see, is extremely portable and powerful. I can imagine bringing that around for mobile training or use it in my room.

Some shots I took during the event:

Check out more official photos to the event here.

From now till 31 December 3010, HP is giving Christmas shoppers great offers every day, at http://hp.com.sg/store . Visit now to find something to buy for your loved ones.

To ride on the festive cheer, HP is challenging me to think of ways to AMP my Christmas.

Well, seriously, I have been doing so many photo shoots for this year, but in contrast, I only composed 2 piano tracks. (Listen to them here and here) While my photos mostly impress the person whom I am shooting for, my compositions (since my Piano Spa album series) appear to reach out to a wide audience.

So if I have time (and inspiration), I would sit down and compose a whole lot more music, for people who matters a lot to me.

In fact, as I was drafting this blog post, I decided to start my AMP-ing and worked on my third composition for the year. This song is dedicated to my wife who has just returned from a business trip last night, and how I missed her presence in the house, and waiting for her return to my love.

Returning to Love (3:50)

Read about how other bloggers AMP their Christmas at the HP Singapore Facebook page.

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