Companies are working hard to impress the social networking folks! For this Dell event, we were invited to a fully-furnished apartment at Scotts Highpark to showcase Dell’s latest lifestyle products and how they integrate into our homes. From all-in-one touchscreen computers to gaming notebooks and handheld devices like the Dell Streak and even Windows Phone 7 Dell Venue Pro, Dell is expanding the consumer product offering.

Organised by XPR, the apartment is split into themes in each rooms. Mum at the kitchen, Dad in the master bedroom, the youth children at their respective bedrooms, each of them armed with Dell devices to enhance their life.

Dell Inspiron 15R
Alienware M11x
Dell Inspiron All-In-One

New products launched includes the new family of XPS laptops, Alienware products, Inspiron all-in-one computers and desktops. I also had a sneak at the Dell Streak. At 5-inch, it does indeed seem rather large to fit in pockets, but the screen size is just nice. I was particularly impressed with the Dell Venue Pro. The Windows Phone 7 interface feels sleek, and I like the feel of the phone – heavy but solid, and comes with QWERTY keyboard, a must-have criterion for my next phone upgrade.

I was about to leave the event when Gavin mentioned that the lucky draw was about to start. So I stayed on and guess what: I won an Alienware TactX gaming mouse (right)! Other prizes include the Alienware keyboard, Dell printer, Windows 7 OS.

As you can see, no event photos because I did not bring my camera. Caught up with many familiar and unexpected faces at the event. It’s been fun catching up with you guys, Genghui, Clayton, Philip, Nicole, Hisham, Chester Chen (finally we met), Kenneth, Shawn (T3), Cheryl, Sadaf and Gavin (XPR).

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