I ordered the iPad Camera Connection Kit (CCK) on 29 Jul with a “3-4 week delivery time”. My colleague ordered his on 3 Aug with a “3-4 week delivery time”. He received his CCK on 11 Aug. I haven’t receive mine yet. Screwed up Apple Online Store ordering system. I decide to cancel my order.

We did some tests and here’s what we gather:

– the SD adapter works without a question.
– many CF card readers plugged via the USB adapter doesn’t work. Among the 4 readers, only 1 works with iPad.
– multi-card readers without the CF card slot appears to work via the USB adapter.
– thumbdrives plugged via the USB adapter doesn’t work.
– USB keyboard plugged via the USB adapter works.
– digital cameras plugged via the USB adapter works.

Above: the only card reader with CF card slot we had that works with the iPad, and it’s a pretty old card reader

Some of the CCK owners may have different experiences, but that really says it all: there is no guarantee on the CCK compatibility, except when plugging the SD card in the SD adapter and when you connect the digital camera to the USB adapter using the USB cable.

So anyway, I decided to cancel the CCK order because I don’t intend to use the iPad heavily on photo editing and publishing. Perhaps over the next few months when more apps are created to maximise the potential, I might get it. And by then for sure, the stocks will be abundant.

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