Nokia’s E72 firmware v31.023 is already out for months, but I did not do an update because past experience tells me the update will wipe everything off the phone and reset everything to factory defaults. But on a fateful day, I decided to go with the trend of all iPhone users as the new iOS4 is released.

Surprise, surprise. This latest update did not reset my phone. The firmware download of 130+MB took about 10 minutes, but the installation took just a couple of minutes. Initially I feared the update was aborted: after the phone was restarted, my phone looked the same: themes, shortcuts, contacts, messages, everything was intact. After exploring and some verification, I concluded that the firmware had indeed been updated, and a few new apps were added as part of the update. There were no discernible improvements on performance, although officially the update is supposed to fix known bugs and improve stability. I do find new minor bugs, but I can live with that.

Not sure if this update behaviour is consistent for all E72 users, so please backup your phone before doing the update. It would be a big bonus if your phone settings and apps remain intact. It’s certainly a time saver.

With all the hype about new iPhone 4 and the numerous brands running on Android, plus the announcement of the new Nokia E5, I somehow rekindled my appreciation for my current E72 phone. It may not be as fancy or trendy or eye-catching or powerful like the competition, but it’s a phone that works for me. And that’s all that matters. iPhone does not work for me. iPad does. And I’m getting it when it’s out in Singapore stores.

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