Last week I went to 2 Japanese buffet restaurants for a meal.

Kiseki, located at The Heeren, is priced only at $19.80++ on weekday lunches. It’s kindda like a marketplace: the food is so-so. If you want to try Japanese food and is a big eater, make your way there and eat your fill, but bear in mind that it does not represent the ultimate taste and quality of true Japanese cuisine.

Above: my first round. Tempura is rather bland, the omelette is a little salty, the takoyaki (sotong balls) are edible if only it’s pipping hot. And wow they have rosti  – eh, not Japanese ley, remnants of Marche?

Above: my colleague’s plateful of sashimi and sushi. No comments, but certainly edible.

The following evening, my NS buddies met up at Kuishin Bo at Great World City. My, what a contrast! The spread is definitely more up-class. Well, at $39.90, the price certainly is too. I must say there are more authentic Japanese cuisine there, apart from the usual sashimi and sushi and tempura. There are even grilled food at the outdoor area. The layout is more restaurant-like, compared to the market-like setting at Kiseki. It’s been a long time since I stuffed myself so hard over a meal,but it’s worth it.

If you have a bigger budget and appetite, go for Kuishin Bo. If you just wanna wallop some Japanese-styled food for a fantastic value, Kiseki will not disappoint.

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