After 10 years of residence in a HDB estate, I have upgraded to a condominium. The entire process is long and I have to thank my wife for doing a lot a lot of work to make this move a reality. She picked the interior designer, researched on the ideal property to go for, negotiated the price, liaised with the lawyer for the transaction, proposed the home decor, sourced for the furniture, selected the mover, picked the paint colour… you get the point. So what did I do? Well, frankly, I just give the nod. It’s not to say that she makes all the decisions. In fact, she keeps bugging me for suggestions, ideas, recommendations. Where possible, I will offer my opinions, but some things are just not my scope, for instance, kitchen cabinet design, or wardrobe layout. I’m really a person who adapts, so give me a square, and I’ll fit into a square.

In the process of designing the home, we spent time thinking about practicality and aesthetics. But when the carpentry is actually completed, we realised that as a result of customising things, we encountered some accidental problems. For instance, in the attempt to have a tidy study table, I instructed to have only one hole on my table top, and this results in my monitor VGA cables barely able to reach my computer on the floor. Or, my piano nearly couldn’t move into the study room because of tight clearance of my built-in cabinets. Or, a kitchen cabinet with some unusable space due to close proximity of the sink and cooker.

Looking beyond these minor problems, we are settling into the environment. Being new and spacious, I do have a feeling that I am living in a serviced apartment, or even hotel. I’m not referring to the decor, but rather, the spaciousness, the amenities, and the view. It so happens that our window view is blocked by a neighbouring distant condo that has a rather non-local feel (it has pointy castle-like rooftops), and our full-length living room has a clear view of our condo children’s pool, complete with resorty umbrellas and benches. It feels just like a typical hotel setting! Sorry if I sounded “suaku” (country bumpkin, so to speak), but I wished I had time to appreciate this new surroundings.

Here’s some move photos documenting the move process. Great job by Shalom Movers.

Above: nice drawings by supervisor, denoting “fragile”.
Below: my 29-yr-old piano nicely wrapped up.

Below: Doesn’t my kitchen look brand new?

Below: piano reached its new resting place…

And this is how it looks like, after some tidying up:

The pool view from my unit.

I’ll share more photos once everything is in place.

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