Forgot to mention, Piano Spa is #2 on the HMV charts. Thanks ... on Twitpic

Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection. 4CD collectors set. A selection of 60 best Piano Spa masterpieces. Now on sale at all music stores.

I was caught by surprise when I visited HMV this afternoon. A quick call to my music agent confirms it. Actually, Warner Music has planned to release a compilation many months back, but I wasn’t told when the release date was.

If you have bought all the past Piano Spa albums, then you can skip this compilation. But if you have not gotten a copy yet, now is the best time. The album is available for sampling at HMV, so listen before you buy. But well, it’s number 2 on the HMV Jazz charts, so you can’t go wrong buying this album.

I wanted to buy a few copies (yes, even I had to pay for my albums), but I forgot to bring my RBS credit card, which offers $5 HMV vouchers for every $50 spend. So I’ll get a copy next time, and then I can listen down the tracks on this blog. But at one glance, most of my favourite tracks are in the compilation.

Thanks to Warner Music Singapore for this compilation, so that people who have missed the earlier albums can finally get a copy. While stocks last, and believe me, you will not find the album in stores 12 months from now. Call that “limited edition” if you like, but I think the cover design is already worth owning it.

Oh, and while you are at the store, you might want to check out “Rock On Piano“. Rock songs never sounded so good on piano. 2CD 24 tracks, arranged by Chester Tan.

OnlineĀ Order: please click the below Paypal button to purchase at US$35 including shipping charges.


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