On Wednesday night, I watched “A Single Man”, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. Not many cinemas are screening the movie, and it’s rated R21 for homosexuality content. Tom Ford produces and directs this artistic film that was nominated for several film awards and won some.

After the movie, my wife asked me my thoughts about watching a film showing homosexual activities between men. I told her that I felt “uncomfortable” seeing 2 men locking lips and caressing intimately with each other, more so when the scenes are filmed in such romantic fashion.

Wifey commented that watching a film on gay men brings the film to a greater artistic emotional level, as compared to lesbian women. I added that lesbianism is portrayed generally under the context of sex, or that the film producer often chooses to use lesbianism in an erotic way, and ended up attracting viewership for the wrong reasons.

What I cannot fathom is how 2 men can love each other. To me, it’s easier to “appreciate” lesbianism because women are objects of beauty, and beauty transcends gender. So I can accept women liking each other. But men liking men? OK, even if some men do like men, it still boils down to “beauty”, that hint of femininity. I have to admit that the male cast of “A Single Man” is very attractively “beautiful” and do not exhibit the aggressive, bestial look.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful movie with depth, certainly inspires me in many ways and offers me new insights to life. Love some of the screen lines, check them out here. I’m glad I caught it on cinemas because this is one of those films that you might find it hard to get hold of in local DVD stores due to its controversial topic.

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