Unknown to me, Warner Music has another Piano Spa compilation album in the market. Best Selection of Piano Spa is a 2-CD compilation sold exclusively at CD Rama. I came across it when I was comparing prices at CD Rama.

I managed to find my RBS credit card and went down to HMV to buy a couple of “Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection” (and at the same time, found Yanni Voces CD+DVD selling at a bargain). But later in the evening I passed by That CD Shop and they are selling 3 for $49.90. Great bargain.

So which one should you get? I’d say “The Timeless Collection” is a wiser purchase. 4CD 60 tracks vs. 2CD 30 tracks, both selling are similar prices. You might also want to get the “Best Selection” because it contains quite a lot of tracks not available in “The Timeless Collection”. Between the 90 tracks, 12 are duplicates, so by getting both, you will still get about 78 songs. Considering the complete Piano Spa (series 1 to 5) has 150 tracks, that’s a pretty good listening list.

Why are there 2 compilation albums? I reckon this “Best Selection” is already in the stores for many months, sold exclusively at CD Rama. Perhaps the sales was good, so Warner decided to launch a “collector’s” edition that can be distributed across all stores.

One mistake though: in this “Best Selection” album, they left out Fred Lin as the other composer/arranger for some of the tracks. For the record, the following tracks are composed and arranged by Fred Lin: tracks 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 19, 21, 22, 24, 27, 29. Good thing “The Timeless Collection” is detailed in crediting the tracks to him. I’m very anal about getting the credits right, because I expect the same proper credits on me.

I’m just elated that Warner Music still appreciates the “Piano Spa” series and continues to find means to increase sales. I’m very proud of what James Kang has created for the “Piano Spa” concept back in 2005, which was originally under Play Music but took over by Warner when they acquired the former.

Many people have asked me whether I am also responsible for other piano albums in the market. To be sure, look out for the “Piano Spa” branding together with the “Warner Music”, “Play Music”, and “Rhythmiz Music Production”.


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