Tweets: 2010 Oscar Nominees

Oscar Nominees announced. from yoono

Avatar got 9 nominations! District 9 got 4! Inglorious Basterds got 8. The Hurt Locker got 8 too, never caught that movie yet. from yoono

Sherlock Holmes nominated for Art Direction and Music. I knew that movie’s soundtrack is cool! LOVE THAT LEITMOTIF!! from yoono

Transformers ROTF only got 1 nomination for Sound Mixing. None for visual effects? Guess the action’s too fast to catch the details. from yoono

Kudos to District 9 for being recognised with groundbreaking film-making. Nom. for film edit, visual, adapted screenplay, and BEST PICTURE! from yoono

Certainly hope Meryl Streep wins the Best Actress for “Julie & Julia”. from yoono

Apologies for over-tweeting, but it feels good to know that the films I thoroughly enjoyed are nominated for Oscars. from yoono

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