On the third day of New Year, I spent some quality time with Mayenne. She has developed this routine where she would want me to play certain games with her, like the ball, the piano. And there are some routine that I am “banned”, like sleeping time. We are still trying to coax her to brush her teeth willingly, and our hope now banks on Special Agent OSO. She has an affinity with this stuffed bear and she would demand to watch the cartoon episodes whenever the TV is on. (thank goodness for Hubstation). Hopefully, the constant playback of that brush-teeth episode (“Never Say No To Brushing Again”) will make her enjoy brushing teeth. We still couldn’t figure out half of what she’s blabbering, but most of the time, she would give simple commands, like “chan(ge) xxx”, “dis one”, and her favourite “no way no way!” She’s obsessed with numbers and would proudly read out the floor numbers displayed on the HDB lifts. She could narrate all the way to 100, only when she is patient enough. Most of the time, she would stop before 50 and jump straight to 100. Sometimes she mixes up with the consonants, saying “sherpal” for “special”, or “munber” for “number”, or emphasizing on the wrong letters, like “grinnnn” for “green”.

It’s no longer easy to coax her for a photo, for she’s so much more active than during the first 2 years. And when she’s in the mood, I usually don’t have my DSLR. Seriously, you can’t get good shots of active kids with compact cams. Shutter and focus response is too laggy, and shutter speed is slow to achieve sharp images – unless you are at outdoors. So here are some precious photographic moments of Mayenne in recent months.

On 4 Oct 2009

On 23 Jan 2010

And her attempt at the real upright piano, 3 Feb 2010

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