Watched 2 movies on the plane, to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong.

The first movie was “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. Although it’s a rather far-fetched tale, it brings a fresh perspective about love and relationships that literally transcend time. What I find so surreal is that when Henry died, Claire his wife will have opportunity to meet him again in the future because of his time travel. It’s such a beautiful thought: that even when your loved ones actually passed on, you will still get to meet them someday in future, randomly. No matter how short the duration is, that moment will be treasured for in eternity.

The second movie was on the way back from Hong Kong, “Julie & Julia”. The storyline caught me by surprise because first of all, I didn’t know Julia Child was so famous and lived in the post-WWII era, while Julie Powell, well, she’ kindda famous too, with her blog. So it’s pretty interesting how the screen writer intertwines the 2 tales together yet drawing to the same idea. And the best part is how the movie shows us that blogging can get you noticed and make you famous, if you blog about the right things.

I think watching such slow movies on the plane is a great way to relax yourself. Besides, the small TV screen on the plane is never conducive for fast-action movies, especially when the video quality and the sound is rather poor.


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