29 Nov 2009

Morning to Day 4. Going for dimsum at Maxims then to Citygate factory outlets. from Gravity

We were told that Maxims Palace serve great dim sum, so we took MTR to Central and walked to Hong Kong City Hall. When we reached there, we had no idea where the restaurant was, but some kind elder woman directed us to “follow the crowd”.

Below: the memorial garden next to the City Hall.

We eventually found the restaurant. Hong Kong City Hall is actually a theatre. The interior reminded me of our Singapore Conference Hall. I guess it’s from the same era. We had no problems getting a seat, as we were rather early. But in no time, the place was full and a queue was formed at the the entrance.

http://twitpic.com/re69b – Dim sum at Maxim’s, located at City Hall. from Gravity

When we arrived:

Before we left:

After the breakfast, we headed back to the MTR.
On the MTR heading to Tung Chung, the (2nd) last station of the line. from Gravity

Tung Chung is where Citygate, the factory outlet shopping mall, is located. The train ride didn’t feel very long, although it’s actually one stop away from the airport. We forgot it was a Sunday, so that place was very packed. We spent the rest of the day there till about 3pm. I bought some shirts at Timberland and Esprit. Had lunch at Food Republic, tasted the Chicken Rice and “Hokkien” prawn mee. The chicken rice, apparently famous, tasted pretty authentic but the prawn mee lacks the prawn taste, it’s more like a normal seafood noodles.

Done with Citygate. Now moving on to new destinations. from Gravity

We took the MTR to Mongkok, visited a few electronic stores but bought nothing. Too many people. Walked along Ladies Street and bought a cheongsam for Mayenne to don during Chinese New Year.

Back to hotel. Getting earlier by the day, as we are really tired from all the walking. Maybe we’ll go out again later after a rest. #fb from Gravity
I think all the walking has taken a toll on us. Simply too tired. After a rest, we left the hotel to look for food nearby.

Had dinner at a small cosy shop. The wantons are bigger, better and cheaper than Mak’s!! I will recommend 桂记云吞面 along Carnarvon Rd. from Gravity

It really is! You must try it! No. 45-47 Carnavon Road

30 Nov 2009

Day five in HK. About to check out at 8.3am. from Gravity
Went to the rooftop for the last time to capture the morning glory.

Checked in at the airport. Waiting for the flight at 11.35am. #fb from Gravity

Did last minute shopping at the Disneyland store in the airport terminal.

Ok boarded the plane. It’s been a good trip with a different experience from my previous vacations. from Gravity

This HK trip wouldn’t be smooth without technology. Thanks to Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, IM. Most impt, unlimited data service!!! #fb from Gravity

TOUCHDOWN to Singapore land! from Gravity

Indeed, if not for data service, I wouldn’t be able to micro-blog and post snapshots along the way. I think it’s really a great way to make my vacation more meaningful, sharing as I travel along. And certainly made my compilation less strenuous.

~end of vacation blog~


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