I’m off to the airport in less than 4 hours and I’m still blogging here! Just wanna drop a quick note that I’ll be spending my days in Hong Kong from 26 to 30 Nov. And this time, I plan to utilise the social media to update my trip via Facebook or Twitter or Blogger or all of the above, depending on whether I have time and whether I can get the SIM to work with my E72 without any hiccups. China Mobile has this HK$78 Mobile Data Package that offers unlimited data usage for 30 days. They also have this IDD prepaid SIM that offers free IDD to selected destinations including Singapore, and all you pay is the local airtime of HK$0.25.

So if you are kaypo and want to know my every move in Hong Kong, check for my updates on the following sites:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chestertan
Twitter/Twitpic: http://twitter.com/musicdiary/

And while you are there, please comment and say hi.



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