Here’s the final product of my latest photo story, titled MURDER. It’s a simple story about a deadly fight between 2 friends.

The story idea came about during an MSN conversation among the 3 of us. You can have lots of ideas but at the end of the day, you need people willing to do the story (Currently, I have 3 big-story ideas waiting for interested parties to be part of them).

There are some scenes that I feel are quite realistically acted out, while there are some that aren’t so convincing. Well, blame it on the 2 friends who did not dare to go all out to deliver the necessary “kill”.

And, yah, it’s so hard to get them to be serious. For every scene we took, it always end up with either laughter (“wahahha”) or apologies (“sorry did I hurt you”).

The full set can be viewed from Flickr.

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