The trip to Jurong Bird Park was planned months in advance, because my wifey has to book the family pass from her office. So imagine our disappointment when we woke up to a rainy morning. But we proceeded to prepare for the outing as if the rain didn’t matter. Even as I drove along the CTE and to AYE, the rain poured relentless.

Then miraculously, once we reached the Bird Park, the rain simmered to a drizzle, allowing us to still proceed as planned. This is the second time Mayenne visited the Bird Park this year, but this time, she was able to appreciate the animals better.

Using the Pentax K-7 in a real world situation allows me to find the benefits and flaws of the camera. Generally, they align to my earlier review. First, the good:

1. The camera focuses fast and fires at 5.2 fps without mercy.
2. During video recording mode, the high-resolution screen allows me to manually focus accurately. The 18-55mm kit lens’ zoom and focus rings are built with the right tension to allow me to zoom and focus with ease.
3. At ISO 1600, there is negligible noise, and I believe if you shoot in RAW, you will be able to handle the noise issue during post-processing.

Then the bad:
1. The exposure mode dial is annoying. I simply detest the lock that slows me down when switching shooting modes. Imagine I had to switch from video mode to TAv mode, that’s a 180-degree turn.
2. The interface lag when pressing the buttons took a toll on me. It’s impossible to do super-fast navigation. For instance, it takes a few milliseconds for photos to display on screen as I scroll the images.

The images are rather vibrant in the standard settings, but the kit lens exhibit softness under bright conditions when viewed at 100%. The following photos are straight out of the camera without colour adjustments.

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