Nuffnang emailed me one day with an offer to “experience a new Nokia product”. When I collected it on Wednesday from Nuffnang office, I found out that it was the Nokia N97 that was launched in June. Apparently, it’s not the phone they wanted me to test, but rather the Comes with Music (CwM) feature.

Unfortunately, when I returned home in the evening to open up the package, I couldn’t find the CwM activation code. Nuffnang is still checking, and in the mean time I am using the N97 with mixed feelings. All the things people say about the N97 is true: it is unfortunate that the N97 cannot perform as stably as my E71, or any Nokia phones, known for their robust and responsive interface. Otherwise, it’s a pretty impressive device. Being the first generation of Nokia touchscreen smartphones, bugs are unavoidable. Sony Ericsson has their share when they launched the P-series, and even after several generations, the Symbian UIQ is still nowhere responsive. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to let go of the UIQ after many years of remaining faithful.

Ironically, despite owning an E71 that can pretty much get me connected to my online social network sites, I still prefer to use the N97. The biggest reason is its generous and bright LCD screen that makes surfing a joy. The touch capability does facilitate the experience, but not without frustration as the phone struggles to interpret my finger gestures. The camera quality is fantastic, another reason over E71.

Hopefully I get to experience CwM before my trial ends in 4 days time.


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