After reviewing dozens of requests and multiple interactions through email and MSN, Melody is the first talent to be featured in my new photo story. She was chosen to be the first not by merit, but by chance. I had a free slot last Saturday, and I asked her if she’s available. She said yes, and the fact that she stayed very near me are catalysts to getting the shoot done.

I also finally got to shoot at a location that I’ve been eyeing for months, and never got a chance to use that location because, as you know, I haven’t been shooting photo stories.

Melody braved the sun and her grass allergy without informing me, and delivered the emotions that I wanted. I truly appreciate her dedication and sacrifice.

The words are based on the prose I wrote in my previous blog post about finding candidates for photo stories. Melody contributed her prose and I took the best of both. The soundtrack is based on “Chimes” from my Piano Spa 4 album. I extended the compositions and modified to fit the story better.

If you need a closer look, here’s the photo story in still images:

I am now planning 3 photo stories of a larger and more controversial nature, stories that bring out the good and evil sides of humanity. I am very excited and hope that the shoots can take place so that I can showcase them. The cast has been shortlisted, and now all I need is to get the scripts finalised and dates planned out.


  1. I adore the photo story that you've made. The whole composition of the pictures blends in perfectly with the music, captivates the whole mood settings. Lovely…
    Do you mind me asking what software did you use for the whole photo story?

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