In 2008, I produced 9 photo stories.

In 2009 till Aug, I only did 2.

This year I have been doing lots of conceptual fashion-styled shoots, and they are getting quite a lot of attention than when I did photo stories, because simply, they work better for the models portfolio.

So with the remaining months of 2009, I want to return to doing some photo stories, including revisiting some ideas that I have put aside for the longest time.

As I was emailing my pool of model friends, I thought why not I publicise my intentions here, so that I don’t have to repeat myself over and over again.

So, what am I looking for in my photo story project?

I am looking for someone who is photogenic and able to perform acts of emotions. I would prefer if this person has some personal introspective experiences that can be worked into a photo story.

At this point, most people would be stunned. “You mean I have to write a story???” Well, if you blog, then that’s already available material to use!

To me, a photo story doesn’t have to be long. I usually like to work with simple and dialogue-based texts. These visually-evoking little tales effectively binds a series of photos together. But there are cases where words are not required to express the story. The words are just there to give context to the images I am trying to create.

My photo stories will dwell on emotions to capture the human spirit. You can think of photo stories as movie still photos. Having this portfolio won’t give you jobs in fashion, but probably will get you noticed in filming and TV commercials.

Just to illustrate, here’s something that I can work into a photo story. I wrote it specially for this blog entry under an hour.

The wind is arousing the chimes.
It knows That I am lonely.
My mind filled with void,
My hands empty of anticipation,
And my heart lost its way.”

Follow the sounds of the chimes
So that you can find your way
To bring back my heart
Who left me the day you did.”

Drop me a mail to share your story. Please don’t email me just with just “I’m interested.” Please convince me why and how you can help in this TFCD collaboration. You can do so by:

1. Send me your portfolio photos or links.
2. Send me your blog link if you want me to pick up your introspectives and work into a story.
3. Send me a write-up on what kind of story you want. For instance, about break-up, about loneliness, about fear, about anger, about sadness, about frustration. Or about happiness (marriage), about joy, about bliss.

As this is a TFCD, I have to be picky in the candidates. I am looking for faces that I think can portray the story that I want to work on. Versatility is also important (I’ve worked with some people who are quite stiff in their expression). So beauty is not everything (after all, beauty is subjective). If in doubt, just email me anyway. Even if this project doesn’t work out, I might use you for my other collaborations.

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