This is my first solo outdoor shoot with Huirong, despite knowing her for nearly 4 years (my previous shoots are all group shoots, except the one test shoot done last month). She is so accommodating and carried out all the requested poses and at uncomfortable locations despite being bitten by bugs or scorched by the late morning sun. It’s heartening to learn that some people have the right attitude and professionalism to go all out to create beautiful images.

Same credit goes to the equally beautiful make-up artist Lynette (Huirong asked me why I did not do a photo session with her), who is actually a night owl. But because of my morning shoot, she ended up not able to sleep. But she still put in her best effort by agreeing to go on-location with us.





Huirong’s bridal editorial shoot is the last of the 3 bridal series that I’ve planned for a very long time. Each bridal shoot attempts to create a different style for my portfolio. Zoe’s on indoor fashion. Sindy’s 2-styled on soft photostory-like and edgy stronger fashion. Huirong’s very mainstream. Already I have requests for more bridal theme shoots, and so I have to think of other different styles. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking a break.

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