I’ve been blogging for years (started with a CMS-based site http://portal.chester.sg/ then later this blog), but I always miss out on this award thingie. This morning, I started an MSN conversation with Zoe (she told me she was on TNP article) and she mentioned about the hype one of the nominees had created for the past week. When I visited the awards site, I realised that today is the last day of nomination. Before I knew it, Zoe nominated me for the Photo Category.

And so I submitted for 2 categories: Best Photography Blog and Best Insightful Blog.
After today’s closing, the judges will select 10 blogs for each category, afterwhich it’s open for public voting (30%) and professional judging (70%). If I’m in the next phase, you’ll hear about it right here.
Visit http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/ for the latest updates!

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