Titled “Impressions: Featuring the new Audi A3 Cabriolet”, the contest is the brainchild of entrepreneur-photographer Willy Foo. When he announced it on his facebook page, I was the first to sign up and to submit photos for shortlist. 2 days later, I received a facebook note from him that I was one of the 28 selected for the contest.

The challenge is to book a 1-hr slot from 6-9 May between 4-11pm and go to the Audi Fashion Tent where the A3 Cabriolet is displayed and to capture the car depicting the lifestyle.
This is probably one of the most “dynamic” and shortest-notice contest I’ve ever entered. Even the details of the shoot is evolving day by day. For instance, the actual location of the car was only confirmed 16 hours before the first contestant gets to shoot the car. And even then, the car colour was changed at the end of the first day. The facebook and photographic community is certainly keeping abuzz with the developments, as everyone tries to uncover the latest news and get prepared for the 1 hour experience.
I was brainstorming without a clue for 2 full days since I was informed of the shortlist, but after that, it was so much relaxed, as I get the outfit confirmed, the props purchased. Now all’s left is the actual execution, from the lighting to the camera angle and the post processing. As the car is on public display, one cannot expect the showroom look with clean or picturesque background (like the one above). Neither do we get the big strobes to give the car a great shine.
I never felt so excited about a photographic “assignment” before, because the 28 selected photographers, at the end of the day, got to submit their photos to the panel of judges that includes professional photographers like Zhang Jinga (zemotion), Olivier Henry (Milk Photographie), Stefen Chow, and Willy Foo. I have to prove and show what I am capable of, and even though it’s probably not as good as some of the contestants, at least it must represent my skills.
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