Woken up at 6am by a bad tummy ache, followed by diarrhoea. What did I eat yesterday? Morning was Nasi Lemak at Cuppage Plaza Isle Cafe, lunch was Beef Noodles at Cineleisure, dinner was the Fried Noodles (“sang meen”) with Fish Slices at Blk 505 zichar store. Just blogging here in case I, you know, well, can’t blog due to some physical deteoriation. For now, the word “diarrhoea” is a fearful word in Singapore, where 2 person has died from food poisioning from the same store, and 154 recuperating.

Ironically, I had wanted to wake up early today to do some office work. So thanks to the tummy, I am one hour earlier from my expected time of awakeness.
Last night, I went to collect the Nikon D3X for review from T3’s Shawn, who was at the Eleganz Talent Management studio doing a shoot for their next month’s magazine. At RRP S$13,888, the D3X is probably the most expensive commercially-available DSLR in the market. More on that after I finished my reviews for T3.

Supposed to do some test shots with the D3X to see and compare the prowess. But I had to rush off. Did a few shots of the shoot process.
Next month’s gadget girl for T3, Stacy

Whenever I get a new cam, I always test it out with my dearest daughter. She is the best test subject: focus speed, high ISO at room environment, auto WB, ease of switching shooting modes on the fly, video mode (for compact cameras), and more.

If I do get a full-frame DSLR, the next thing I’ll buy is the 14-24mm lens.


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