I was invited to the Canon Blogger Event held at The Screening Room at Ann Siang Road. I was expecting a huge event but was pleasantly surprised that it was exclusively for a handful of around 20 guests.

Before the presentation started, we chilled out at the rooftop with the rest of the bloggers. Met and chatted with Claudia and Diana from 24seven, a social media company. Among the blogger guests, I only recognised Fidelis at the rooftop and Sabrina who appeared later at the event room.

Great view, great weather.

Once everyone was here, we were led down to the room. The effort they put in to present the colourful new Canon products among the fingerfoods.

Matching pastry colours against each digicam.

Canon announced like 8 new compact digicam models (IXUS 95IS, IXUS 1o0IS, IXUS 110IS, IXUS 990IS, Powershot SX200 IS, Powershot A1100 IS, Powershot A2100 IS, Powershot A480) with 27 colour variants, 1 new DSLR (EOS 500D), a new sub-brand for the camcorder called LEGRIA with 7 new models (HF S10, HF S100, HF20, HF200, FS21, FS22, FS200).

Wong Li-lin‘s the brand ambassador. She showed us some snazzy footages produced by the LEGRIA.

Me wifey cannot resist a photo opportunity with a celebrity.

Trying out on the Powershot SX200 IS. The lens is HUGE simply because it’s a 12X wide-angle zoom digicam from 28mm to 336mm f3.4-5.3. Believe it, this digicam can take macro shot at zero cm. The flash auto pops-out and auto-retracts.

It was very nice of Canon to provide free 8GB SD cards at the door for all guests so that they can test the products and compare. I actually recorded a footage with the top-range LEGRIA HF S10 using my SD card but forgot to switch to SD card mode, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the sharp footages produced by this camcorder at this moment. But really, it’s impressive. The sensor is actually a full 8 megapixels instead of the usual 2mp for HD resolution, so the camcorder records in ultra-HD then downsamples.
Ironically, I did not touch the 500D at all, despite being a DSLR user – because I know I could get my hands on it from T3.

On hindsight, we should have a group shot. Or maybe they did, coz me and wifey left at 8.30pm to pick up our darling from my in-laws. Many thanks to Glenn from Ogilvy who invited me after visiting this blog, and Noel (Ogilvy) and Sin Yee (Canon) for their warm hospitality at the Screening Room.

P.S. All photos taken with the Canon Powershot G10.


  1. My goodness… I look like I’m about to swallow a mozzie, or am singing karaoke to myself.

    You have reaffirmed my belief that I should never appear in front of a camera, and should only position myself behind the protection of the lens. 😉

    I second what Clud said man… you blog mega fast!

    Thank you both for coming down and making the event so much fun… we really had a blast!

    Looking forward to catching up guys up again real soon!

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