I was about to go to sleep when I noticed my friend’s MSN status message: “my phone is stolen”.

Can’t help but I simply have to do up this blog post.
Do you know you can all protect the information in your mobile phone for only US$19.90? No subscription required.
While it’s probably not possible to recover your phone, at the very least you should protect any data that is residing in your phone.
Bak2U is a Singapore-made software that achieves that. It allows you to remotely delete all data in your phone in the event that your phone is stolen. It also notifies you via SMS about the whereabouts of your phone.
While there are probably ways to break the software (for instance, hard reset), it also means destroying any data in your phone. To me, that’s a better deterrent that allowing the phone to be freely accessed by the stranger. Bak2U also creates some interesting security software, one of which is PhoneScream. If the password is entered wrongly, the phone will let out an audible sound customisable by you. That would be fun if the thief happens to be within the vicinity.
If you are still contemplating about spending that small amount of money, there is another protection that all phones come with: phone lock. Just activate it and your phone will not be accessible until the correct PIN is entered. Again, that does not stop the thief from accessing your personal data in the removable memory card.
If you are thinking that this won’t happen to you, then you are probably one of those who doesn’t believe in insurance.

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