It’s only the first week of March, and already many things have happened.

Firstly, I found a few long-lost friends via facebook. In normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be such a big deal. But the process of finding them are short of a miracle.

Once a while, I will reminiscence some old friends that I had and will try to locate them via the social networking sites. But see, these friends were so old that during the time, there was no email except their name. Of course it doesn’t help since many people do not use their full name as the profile name, and even if they do, there are too many people with the same name.

To cut the story short, I was looking for friend “C” on facebook, but there were too many same names and no profile pic. So I looked for friend “V”, and I did find her because her photo was on the profile. As I browsed her album, I found my friend “C”! And since I also know the brother of “C”, I found 3 friends, not forgetting the parents whom I was very close with too.

In addition, I am also upgraded to “uncle” status as 2 close relatives gave birth to baby girls. So Mayenne has 2 cousins and she’s no longer the youngest within the extended family.

Last month, I attended my university hall mate’s wedding, and caught with lots of fellow hall mates whom I had fun working with. Many of them are already in my facebook list, but I finally get to meet them face-to-face. After the wedding, Angie and I even went karaoke with a few of them till 2am in the morning. That is undoubtedly the first night out we had in this decade – YES, this decade. It’s quite funny: the moment we sat in the karaoke room, we asked the waiter whether they still have some of the 1990s “oldies”.

Angie and I had to leave at 2am because we had to wake up early next day to pick Mayenne from her Mum’s. The rest stayed till 3.40am. According to sources, they were too tired to hold on till the end of the booking session which was 4am.

We had to walk down this dark aisle to reach our karaoke room. Felt kindda sleezy, no?

Finally, comfort zone.

Some shots during the wedding on 21 Feb. Taken with review set Canon Powershot G10, courtesy of T3 Magazine Singapore. Cyprian and Vanessa’s wedding is covered in the excellent hands of Stephen Loh from Lyrical Moments Photography (

“Funny-face” groom

“Hearty-laugh” groom

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