Tonight, Mayenne was not at home, because wifey has to work on a big project proposal. So the night is ours to do what we wanted.

I have no other photo projects on hand, and I have a cameo performance for my friend’s wedding banquet this Saturday, so I switched on my digital piano for the first time this year and practiced.
The opening song that I am intending to play for the performance is “Tonight I Celebrate My Love (For You)”. While practicing, I decided to make a recording, a simple straightforward rendition. The song has been uploaded to my blog playlist or you can listen in my Facebook.
After that, I practiced my second song, a Mandarin song by David Tao, called 爱很简单 “Ai Hen Jian Dan”. Instead of the straightforward rendition, I injected a dramatic arrangement. Warning: don’t turn up the volume, as some passages may get rough.
Let me know if you enjoy the new songs.

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