I was talking to a colleague about our children progress and we mentioned about trying for a second child. It then occurred to me that as we grow older, it gets more difficult to conceive. My thought led to how young people are more fertile and thus easier to get pregnant. But due to the increase in pre-marital sex, it also means the risk is higher. Ironically, young people have high risks in unwanted pregnancy while older people have high risks in carrying pregnancy.

My thought then led to the latest movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, and I was thinking, perhaps it’s a good idea if people age backwards. Why? Because when people are young, they do not appreciate about beauty or health. And when they grow up, they learn more things, and therefore appreciate things better. But as age catches up, they cannot enjoy the things they learn, or gets health problems, or grow uglier. 
So if the Button Syndrome were to occur in real life, then couples will only get more fertile as they grow older. Teenagers will not get pregnant so easily, and people will have an amazing mid-life and retirement, looking good, partying all night.

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