Cheapling is a cheapo. And she only shops at The 199 Shop.

No, it’s not THE 1.99 Shop that closed down years ago. Too bad for that shop, because look at how Daiso prospers with its “Everything for $2” slogan.
So this 199 Shop does the same thing too.
All merchandise is going for S$19.90, including normal postage.
I think it’s really cheap like bird.
I mean, when will the day come when men can buy decent attire to cover their entire body for less than $20?
I guess the day will come if men wears dresses.
Sorry for digressing.
So yes. I’m envious of women having able to dress up for less than $20. Of course I know I am leaving out the rest of the accessories like bangles, necklace, footwear, underwear, hairdo, etc.
There are lots of blogshops online, so what makes this one so special that is worth mentioning?
To me, the winning factor is PRICE.
I don’t think I have come across any blogshops that sell all their clothes below $20. Maybe a few promo items, but generally they are above $20. Some blogshops also went upmarket, bringing in higher quality materials and charge above $50.
While I don’t think like women, I believe every shopper has the same mentality: they want to feel the real thing.
So how do you attract buyers to buy your merchandise before feeling and trying the real good?
This blogshop simply pushes prices down, just like what Daiso and the defunct 1.99 Shop did. And I think this strategy can work, because it becomes less risky for buyers to spend $19.90 on a piece of clothing. And having a standard price makes shopping easier, because everything you see has the same one price.
So to make the story short, go visit and see for yourself the merchandise that they carry.
From the numerous blogshops I visited in recent weeks, it’s interesting how different blogshops carry different clothes, which is good, because there is really no competition, since there are variety. This blogshop is no exception. The shop owner makes sure she gets the best merchandise at the price range.
And so far, she’s doing a great job.
So, since you are at my blog, reading this article, just move your mouse over to , click the link, and view the offerings.

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