Over the CNY weekend, I was bombarded with lots of TV ads on new music album releases, particularly David Foster’s “Hit Man”, which was re-titled internationally as “You’re The Inspiration”. Nevertheless, Warner Music priced it very attractively. You can look at it as either buy-CD-free-DVD or buy-DVD-free-CD. Initially, I was not expecting the DVD to be of top-notch production quality due to the pricing and packaging strategy. Boy, was I wrong.
I was impressed by the fantastic production and the quality recording. The live tracks are very well-recorded and balanced, from the instruments to the vocals. I love the song arrangements, some of them faithfully reproduced from the original song, others gone through nice renditions. Although not all the original artists sang the songs, the alternative singers sound very closely similar to the originals, which I find nothing wrong with it, because very often the songwriter (in this case, Mr. Foster himself) would want the song to be sounded the way it was made popular. And that’s what I love about this album: the new tracks have strong original flavours with changes to provide a new perspective and yet not overdone.

If you are a fan of David Foster, then this album will let you see lots of him in action, on piano for 2 full hours, ‘live’ and interacting with guest singers and lots of speeches. Finally, the man behind all the greatest hits is bathing in the limelight.

Another album I got is the 101-tracked 6CD Warner Music compilation, “Love 101: 101 Ways To Say I Love You”. It’s a real bargain, selling for the price of 1 CD. That’s cheaper than a legal paid download, even cheaper than a pirated CD, and you even get printed lyrics. Mind you, these are not some out-dated garbage tracks, but great classics and even some recent tracks, like The Corrs and Damien Rice. While some people could have gotten the tracks off the Internet via some form of free means, I’m always for the idea of owning a piece of an original work if it’s affordable. It’s a no-brainer: please get it if you have love around you, which I believe a lot of people have. When you run out of ideas of what love song you need, for your wedding day, or Valentine’s Day, or just to convey a special message to that important person, this album will help you a tremendous lot.
I also purchased Kavin Hoo’s instrumental album, “A Moment In Time”. After months of seeing it on the shelves, I finally purchased it because I got a chance to sample the CD. It sounds good, and more importantly, inspires me to start writing new material. Kavin Hoo is fortunate to get his wife, Corrinne May, to do vocals. No lyrics, just humming and ahh-ing. Ethereal.
If you are interested in this album, I recommend you go to PinkArmchair website (http://www.pinkarmchair.com/) to purchase an autographed copy at US$14 (before shipping).

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